• Freedom to use the internet all over Spain

    • Apps
    • Social Networks
    • Photos

    No more expensive data roaming bills. Rent your personal mobile pocket wifi hotspot from 39,90 per week

  • Convenient

    Travel with your own smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc and enjoy low-cost wifi everywhere in Spain

  • Small & lightweight

    • Length: 98,5mm
    • Width: 54mm
    • Height: 13,9mm
    • Weight: 80g

    It fits in your pocket! Take the Internet with you everywhere in Spain from 39,90€ per week

  • Rent it
    and have fun

    Fastest mobile connection, local support team and a rental period to everyone's need: days or weeks

Wifirental's device is a 3.75G router and wifi access point all in one small and lightweight case. It comes with broadband mobile Internet connection, and our local support team is always ready to help. Renting with us is easy and straightforward.

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Things people like you and me wish we could do abroad when on holiday
(also true for business trips)

  • Send an email
  • Upload a video
  • Place a comment on Facebook
  • Share some photos
  • Call home with VoIP
  • Surf the web
  • Tweet about that great experience
  • Book a restaurant
  • Read international news
  • Locate the place in a map and get directions to it
  • Go for badges and majorships in Foursquare

... and more

Feel at home when traveling!

Wifirental.travel offers the solution for those travelling to Spain and who don’t want to yield on their connection, for those who don’t want to speculate with how much their phone company is going to charge.

Other locations. If your destination is not Spain, we invite you to send us your email address, and we’ll let you know as we open other destinations. Many more coming up soon!!!

We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We won’t share your email address with anyone –ever-. You can only expect to receive a message from time to time.

Mobile wifi that fits in your pocket

We rent pocket-sized mobile wifi hotspots that allow you to connect up to 5 wifi enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, PSP…), avoiding the costs of data roaming while on vacation and letting you and your group stay connected.


  • Works out-of-the-box (no configuration needed)
  • Indoors or outdoors. Hotel or apartment. Mountain or beach. Still or on the move
  • Connect up to 10 WiFi devices
  • No need for a USB port or wires
  • Ultra-light (81 grams - 110 grams) and small (dimensions 62mm x 98mm x 15.3mm)
  • Compatible with every operating system
    (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, Windows mobile, Symbian, Blackberry…)
  • 4-hour battery life
  • ZTE MF-30 ZTE MF-30

Our wifi devices are only last generation models of leading brands in the market: Huawei, ZTE and 4G Systems.

Tested quality and reliability.

Technical specs

Logo Wifi alliance
  • WiFi WLAN standard 802.11 b/g/n (up to 100 Mbps bandwith)
  • WLAN security standard: WEP/WPA/WPA2 (WPA2 preconfigured)
  • GPS-enabled for location based services
  • Data speeds:
    HSDPA/HSUPA (up to 7.2 Mbps downlink / 5.76 Mbps uplink)
    HSPA+ (up to 42 Mbps downlink / 5.76 Mbps uplink)
  • Bands: 2G/3G/4G. GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850MHz. UMTS
  • 2100/1900/900/850MHz. HSPA+.

Fastest mobile internet on the go

We only offer 3.5G connexions from top spanish operators (Vodafone and Movistar) at maximum speed available (42 Mbps, 21 Mbps and 7.6 Mbps downlink), covering almost 100% of the territory. Take a look at their coverage map.

Best coverage guaranteed

Every service is included, even VoIP with our Business Class...

  • email
  • www browsing
  • Location based services: Google Maps, Foursquare, ...
  • Music and video streaming and downloading
  • Uploading and sharing of photos and videos
  • App downloading
  • Instant messaging
  • Gaming
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and all social networks
  • Augmented reality apps and browsers
  • VoIP: Skype, Viber... (only with our Business Class)


  • With Wifirental holiday became easy, accessible on spot and more exciting, lots of extra service. We saved time and money and felt part of the world, as we are used to being. Being connected, at a fixed price, gave us an extra value holiday
    (Anne and Lars, Sweden, February 2012)
  • "It worked without a flaw, very convenient, I would recommend it without a doubt!"
    (Andi, Germany, March 2012)
  • "Great service"
    (Bob T., UK, March 2012)
  • "For the first time I enjoyed mobile Internet at full speed and at local rates. I don't feel like traveling without it."
    (Nancy, UK, March 2012)

Discover and fully enjoy the destination: get rich touristic information when and where you need it!

10 reasons to book with us

  1. 1

    You won’t have to wait for our pack to get to your home before you leave. No need to worry to send it back to us once you are ready to go back home. This means there are less damage risks while in transit and also that you save the money of the shipment.

  2. 2

    No waiting to have your deposit refund. Once we have checked everything is in order, you’ll have the money credited to your account.

  3. 3

    No hassle and nerves before departure. Just travel, collect the device at destination, connect and enjoy surfing the web.

  4. 4

    You know it will work. For sure. We’ll show you how to connect it and we’ll deliver the device battery charged and ready to go. And NO SURPRISES. We are here, so if it does not work, we’ll help you or replace your pocketwifi.

  5. 5

    Our devices and data plans are faster. We also allow more traffic at the fastest speed available. No limitations, no tricks. What you pay is what you get.

  6. 6

    We’ll deliver your device in person at the airport or your hotel. At the end of your rental period, we can pick it up or you can drop it off in designated drop off points in the airport (partner businesses).

  7. 7

    No installation, no cables required, no software. Start surfing the web in minutes and from as little as 0,039 € per MB. It’s a short term rental, no commissions, no extra fees, no long term commitment...

  8. 8

    Cancellation and refund policy: To cancel your booking just drop us an email or give us a call. Bookings may be cancelled with no charge and full reimbursement up to 48h before starting the rental period. If you cancel your booking 24h before, you will be reimbursed 50% of the amount. No show means no reimbursement.

  9. 9

    We care about your privacy: Our booking form is secured by SSL encryption and our payment gateways are CECA and PayPal.

  10. 10

    Every service is included even VoIP with our Business Class.

Plans & Prices

One service, two plans, best value for money


Fast and convenient for everyone

  • Single travelers
  • Couples
  • Families with children
  • Group of friends...

2 GB of Internet traffic at full speed
of 21 Mbps DL / 5.6 Mbps UL

  • When exhausted, speed automatically degrades to GPRS-like so you can rest assure that won't have to pay extra charges. Just peace of mind.
  • And if you'd rather prefer to go on at full speed, just drop us a line or call and ask for a refill.

Note: 2 GB of Internet traffic is more than local mobile data plans offer for a whole month.

For 39.90 € per week (tax included), a mere 5.70 € a day, you get fast mobile Internet for up to five people (or WiFi-enabled devices).


Best deal for heavy Internet users and groups

  • Today's business people usually traveling with a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone are short on time. They deserve the fastest connection available.
  • Families with teens means a lot of connected devices: smartphones and tablets, PSP and other gaming consoles for every family member.
  • Friends traveling together. Everyone has a smartphone and wants to be connected. Going for Business Class and sharing is the best way to keep costs down.

4 GB of Internet traffic at full speed
of 42 Mbps DL 5.6 Mbps UL

When exhausted, speed automatically downgrades to GPRS-like, but If you'd rather go on at full speed, just drop us a line or call and ask for a refill.

For 74.90 € per week (tax included), a mere 10.70 € a day, you get fastest mobile Internet for up to five people (or WiFi-enabled devices). Moreover, with Business Class you can use VoIP for calling.


  • Mobile WiFi device
  • User manual in English and Spanish
  • Wall charger with USB cable
  • Velour bag


  • Car charger
  • Cosmetic damages waiver


Upon delivery of the pocket wifi, we will ask you for a credit card, and we will charge 75€ (Economy Class) or 150€ (Business Class) as a deposit. Once you have returned the device and we have checked it, the deposit will be credited to your account.

How to book

You are only 5 steps away from being connected

  • 1st

    Select the plan that best suits your needs:

    • Economy Class. Cheap and convenient. For everybody.
    • Business Class. Best deal for heavy internet users and groups.
  • 2nd

    Let us know when you are arriving and how many weeks you will need your mobile hotspot.

  • 3rd

    Tell us where you want your wifirental delivered or if you want to pick it up in the airport. We deliver from 00:01:00 to 23:59:00 in hotels in Palma. If you let us know your flight number, we can arrange delivery in the airport.

  • 4th

    Complete your order and proceed to payment.

  • 5th

    Keep the confirmation voucher we'll send you by email within the next 24 hours.

Do you want to stay connected while abroad and don't want to guess about how much your roaming charges are going to be?

We think that you have the right to stay connected like a local and pay like a local.

  1. Because you are not going on holiday to The Stone Age
  2. Because a limited plan is usually not a good plan
  3. Because you want to be hyperconnected, not hypercharged
  4. Because Internet access does not have to be limited
  5. Because you care about privacy and don't trust open WiFi hotspots

For tourists, for business people.
Affordable mobile WiFi for smart travelers.

Traveling to Mallorca?
Rent Now


39.90 per week (5.70 €/day)

21 Mbps
Traffic incl.
(at full speed)
2 GB/week
wifi bandwith
up to 54 Mbps
802.11 b/g


74.90 per week (10.70 €/day)

42 Mbps
Traffic incl.
(at full speed)
4 GB/week
wifi bandwith
up to 100 Mbps
802.11 b/g/n


If you still have some question or doubt, please don't hesitate emailing us at info (at) wifirental (dot) travel and ask.

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